ESPN recently asked us to re-design the media portal for their outdoors branch — 8BitOrange provided the coding magic, and I provided the art direction and interface design.

On the outdoors site alone, there are 4 decades worth of content, including articles, press releases, bios, news, event standings, event schedules, TV listings, plus approximately 30 gigs of archived high-res photos, which all had to be carried over.

The old site had many usability/interface issues and inconsistencies that produced a lot of “dead ends” when navigating, was inconsistent with ESPN’s branding and look, and generally just needed to be brought up to date to current web standards. Due to the sheer volume of material on hand and the myriad of buttons, tabs, and links that made up the old interface, using the old site was literally a needle in a haystack affair.

The overall goal besides improving the aesthetics of the site, was to make it easier for journalists to navigate through the mountains of content contained within, and drastically simplify the process of uploading new content for site administrators. Through a combination of a simple, unified interface that better directs users through the site, and a complete overhaul of the search engine and admin functions (plus upgrades to the backbone that delivers the content), tasks that once took hours now take minutes.

Indentity redesign & concepts: